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Values:  ​​​

  1. World-class service: We are dedicated to delivering exceptional service to our clients and strive to continuously exceed expectations. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of excellence in all aspects of our work.

  2. Diversity and inclusion: We value diversity and inclusivity, and believe that everyone should be treated with respect and dignity, regardless of their background or identity. We are committed to creating an environment that is welcoming, supportive, and inclusive for all.

  3. Honesty and humility: We believe in conducting our business with integrity, honesty, and transparency. We are humble in our approach, recognizing that there is always more to learn and room for improvement.

  4. Curiosity and innovation: We embrace curiosity and a thirst for knowledge, and are constantly seeking new ideas and approaches to improve our services and offerings. We encourage innovation and creativity, and are not afraid to take calculated risks to achieve our goals.

Mission Statement:  At EMFDrill, we are committed to world-class excellence in everything we do, both on and off the performance stage. We believe that diversity, honesty, and curiosity are essential values that guide our actions and decisions. We are dedicated to providing exceptional service to our clients and stakeholders, and to continuously improving our offerings to meet their evolving needs. Our goal is to create a positive impact in the marching arts community and beyond, by fostering a culture of inclusivity, innovation, and excellence. We strive to be leaders in our industry, and to inspire others to pursue their passions with the same level of commitment and dedication that we bring to our work

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